International Conference on Online Learning 2013

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Building Teacher Online Best Practices Through Evidence-Based Research Analysis

The current thematic analysis was undertaken to derive underlying socially constructed themes from best practices in both brick and mortar and online education. The themes derived from the analysis may provide a foundation for the construction of online teacher best practices because those that begin with a valid foundational support are more likely to be successful.

Thematic analysis is a variant of discourse analysis, which seeks to understand the social foundation of a related group of texts or dialog called a corpus. Implementing a meaningful thematic analysis of this kind can be challenging for many reasons; however, central to the challenge is delimiting a corpus of text for analysis. In the study, a theory-based analytic process, Synthesized Thematic Analysis Criteria (STAC), was employed to overcome this issue. STAC operated as a series of sieves to minimize intervention from inapplicable texts and allow the researchers to define the study:

  • The case studies were narrowed by research method using an existing definition of best practices from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
  • The remaining case studies narrowed using criteria from the theory-based Best Practice Research Theory Methodology.
  • The Education Benchmarking Methodology parameters were applied to select a set of similar peer-reviewed case studies.

The STAC analytic process may be used for any best practice thematic analysis—from best practices for managing bullying in schools to best practices for preparing women and minority students for education and careers in STEM fields.

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Advancing Research in K-12 Online Education Through a Conceptual Framework

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